Apply for an API key

Thanks for your interest in applying for the Songkick API, here are a few things to bear in mind before you get started:

  • Attribution: you must display one of the logos provided by Songkick here on your application and wherever Songkick Data is used.
  • When using the Songkick API, you must provide a link to the Songkick event page (example) for each event.
  • Songkick will be the exclusive live music data provider. Please do not combine our data with any other concert data provider.
  • You may only make calls to the Songkick API at a reasonable rate.
  • You may not retain any copies of the Songkick Data, except for the purposes of retaining cached information for short periods (i.e. hours, not days).
  • For Non-commercial: you must notify us if you start using the data for Commercial use, we reserve the right to revoke access if this is not complied with.
  • For Commercial: we have the right to revoke access if your use of the data competes with products or services offered by Songkick. For example, Songkick's core products today are personalized concert calendars and concert calendar alerts for the web, iPhone, and Spotify.

For full Terms of Use please click here.

We will contact you with a decision as soon as we can

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