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Tour name: Railroad Revival Tour

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Early Railroads became important to the city of Memphis as a means of balancing commerce between land routes and the Mississippi steamboat traffic. The trains totally reinforced the city's position as a major hub of trade. The Memphis and Charleston Railroad, completed in 1857, was the first railroad in the United States to link the Atlantic Ocean with the Mississippi River. When the Civil War broke out in 1861, this railroad became strategically important as the only east-west railroad running through the Confederacy.

The Memphis and Little Rock Railroad, from 1854-1871, was the first railroad to operate in the state of Arkansas. It also played a vital role for both Confederate and Union forces and was under Union control until 1865. Memphis built its first grand train station in 1855 - at the corner of Calhoun and Main Streets. This corner has been continuously used by the railroad for over 150 years.