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Tour name: Adventures in Sound Play

NOTE: Program runs from March. 8-10


Enjoy a weekend in the adventure of Sound Play with Paul Winter. For everyone, regardless of musical background.

Paul Winter’s premise is that music-making is the natural birthright of every person, and that everyone has the ability to express themselves through sound. Absolutely no musical training or “talent” is required for this affirmative and celebratory workshop that is equally nourishing for beginners, amateurs, and professionals.

The sound play is done collectively, in small groups, and provides an experience full of discovery, joy, humor, and fun. There is no emphasis on soloing, virtuosity, or performing. It is not a “master class” on how to play expertly in a particular tradition; rather the program creates contexts in which the instinct for spontaneous expression can be awakened and nurtured. The same abilities by which we converse with words through improvising are brought into play in a myriad of different combinations of instruments and voices, in an environment of profound quiet and deep listening.

Each participant is asked to bring an instrument regardless of whether they can play it. Anything from a kazoo to a contrabass is welcome.

Paul Winter’s half-century musical odyssey has taken him to concert halls in 52 countries and on recording expeditions to wilderness regions on six continents. With his diverse ensembles, he has recorded 45 albums, seven of which have been graced with Grammy® awards. His unique and comprehensive genre of “Earth Music” aspires to celebrate the cultures and creatures of the whole Earth.