Tim Hecker live

Tuesday 30 April 2013Past concert

Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin


Belvedere Road SE1 8XX London, UK

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Doors open: 19:00


Having collaborated on the 2012 record 'Instrumental Tourist', Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) perform the tracks live at Queen Elizabeth Hall.

The pair designed a sound palette from the acoustic resonance of digitally-sourced 'Instruments of the World'. Instead of leaning heavily on the proverbial Malian time signature's sublime truth, 'Instrumental Tourist' pictures the synthetic veneer of exoticism as pushed air captured by oscillating ribbons.

The studio meetings between Hecker and Lopatin were conducted to mimic the tropes and techniques of jazz-based improvisation, with little preparation. In an era where electronic production can produce the totalities of symphonic effect, and solo sound composition is easier than ever, the necessity of collaborative work is questioned.

'Instrumental Tourist' finds two artists transcending their respective visions by agreeing to a new language, one which verbalizes their mutual infatuations and apprehensions with the systems they've both built and are buried by.