Dave Mason live

Friday 29 March 2013Past concert

Dave Mason


4 Oceanfront North 01952 Salisbury, MA, US

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Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame member, Dave Mason, returns for an acoustic performance at Blue Ocean Music Hall! Mason has played and recorded with many of the era's most notable pop and rock musicians, including Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Delaney Bramlett, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Fleetwood Mac and Cass Elliot. Even after his time as a member of the band Traffic, Mason continues to have a remarkable and successful solo career. Not many music legends in their 60's create and perform with the same energy and vitality that defined their early days. Dave Mason is a rare exception. He enjoys a zest for live performances in addition to a ceaseless ethic of writing and recording. In 2008 he released 26 Letters, 12 Notes, his first album release in more than 20 years. With today's technology supportive of his entrepreneurial spirit, Mason is beginning to release heretofore private recordings, revealing yet again a new phase in the dazzling career of Dave Mason. Don’t miss one of Blue Ocean’s most popular shows!