Eleanor Friedberger live

Thursday 29 August 2013Past concert

Eleanor Friedberger


26 Oldham Street M1 1JN Manchester, UK

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Tour name: Eleanor Friedberger (Fiery Furnaces) + Empty Pools

At a time when most female singer-songwriters perform as alter egos, Eleanor Friedberger is simply, refreshingly herself. And that’s just the way her fans like it. Having spent the last decade fronting the indie-rock institution The Fiery Furnaces (currently on hiatus) with her brother Matthew, in 2011 she emerged as a formidable solo artist with Last Summer, a thoughtfully crafted tale of memory and place couched in the organic pop of her 1970s idols. Instantly, Friedberger established herself as a modern-day heir to the tradition of Donovan, Todd Rundgren, Ronnie Lane and their ilk: Warm, nuanced, timeless songs. No gimmicks necessary.

Eleanor returns this summer with her second solo album, Personal Record, out on 4 June on Merge Records. It is Eleanor at her finest; recorded in late 2012 in New York and Los Angeles, and written with musician/novelist Wesley Stace, Personal Record is full of love songs – hellos and goodbyes, infatuation, pre-occupation, loss – but not simply about romantic love. Eleanor explains, ‘They’re also love songs to music: how you feel on stage when you do something spontaneous and it works, how you feel when you hear someone sing a song for the first time, what it’s like to watch a friend perform, how you can feel close to someone you barely know because you both happen to love the same record, or playing the same song forty times in a row, not being able to rest until you own every song recorded by your favorite singer, or every version of your favorite song.’

Eleanor will be touring throughout the summer in support of Personal Record. In the UK, she will be backed by members of Sunderland band Field Music.

Support comes from Empty Pools, who artfully combine elements of noise rock with teen dream melodies, late 1970s CBGBs angularity and the jazzy, world pop sophistication of the Thrill Jockey set.

Price: £8 adv
More info: http://crd.fm/2s9