36 Crazyfists live

Thursday 14 November 2013Past concert

36 Crazyfists


174 Camden High Street NW1 0NE London, UK

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36 Crazyfists is a four-piece Alaskan band originally based in Anchorage and later based in Portland, Oregon, in the United States. The band's name comes from a Jackie Chan movie, Jackie Chan And The 36 Crazy Fists. They have released six studio albums, In the Skin, Bitterness the Star, A Snow Capped Romance, Rest Inside the Flames, The Tide And Its Takers and Collisions and Castaways.

GENRE: Nu metal, Metalcore, Post-hardcore, Hardcore punk, Alternative metal, Rapcore, Groove metal, Heavy metal, Emo

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/index.html?curid=1076642