Carl Hancock Rux live

Friday 29 November 2013Past concert

Carl Hancock Rux


425 Lafayette Street 10003 New York, NY, US

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"If Jim Morrison and Gil- Scott Heron were able to have a son, his name would be Carl Hancock Rux. Part preacherman, part poet, Rux infuses his lyrics, delivered in spoken word format--with offbeat statements and a psychedelic sound; an experimental mix of rock, drum n' bass, soul music, jazz, hip-hop, and funk..." ---Time Out New York

The multitalented, infinitely forward-slashed wunderkind (and inaugural Joe's Pub performer) Carl Hancock Rux returns home to celebrate the release of his fourth studio album, Homeostasis, a soul infused jazz-scape of incredibly layered, textured songs set to his gripping oral artistry, a sensual slinking of Billie Holiday meets William S. Burroughs adding Brecht and Weill to its lyricsm. Described by some critics as the male heir to the throne of Nina Simone, with a style closer to John Lee Hooker and Bill Withers, Rux's rhythm-laden soundscapes, equally informed by jazz, blues, and gospel, Rux describes "Homeostasis" (co-penned, produced and performed by collaborators Vijay Iyer, Vernon Reid, Lon Kaiser and Hamilton Kirby) as a paen to the ultimate need for "stillness" in an often all too jittery world