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Tuesday 25 February 2014Past concert Canceled

About Group


25 Swan Street, The Northern Quarter M4 5JZ Manchester, UK

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Tour name: About Group

Back in 2009, Hot Chip co-frontman Alexis Taylor linked up with Spritualized member John Coxon to form a group called About, which released an album of improvised music. The band, now calling themselves About Group, are back with new album 'Between the Walls', released on Domino, and they play Band on the Wall on 25th February 2013.

What followed was a collection of songs created in an atmosphere of close listening and instinctive group interplay. The instruments used are a rotating line up of drums, Wurlitzer, organ, piano, electric guitar and electronic textures, ensuring About Group combine a live-in-the-studio band feel around The band’s instincts for experimentation make for subtle shifts in direction and tone, particularly when Thomas’ electronic flourishes move centre stage, blurring the line between improvisation and songwriting structure.

Now, Between The Walls captures the sound of a band 'playing' together, in both senses of the word - experimenting and trying things, being playful, as much as being a group performing as a unit together. Between The Walls is the sound of people pushing towards and pulling against one another simultaneously. It is the sound of buzzing amplifiers, sudden musical non-sequiturs, loud blasts of straight synth lines cutting through melody and structure. And it is also the sound of beautiful and odd electronic textures and brilliantly defined and deliberate drums, underpinning fragile but deliberate performances of sad songs and country ballads.

Their live incarnation is even more powerful and fascinating than their recorded output. From free noise to Bacharach covers, it's a musical adventure, all with Alexis Taylor’s yearning vocal lines and unmistakable voice.

Price: £12.00 Advance
More info: http://crd.fm/3od