Depeche Mode live

Saturday 18 June 1988Past concert

Depeche Mode


1001 Rose Bowl Drive 91103 Pasadena, CA, US

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Tour name: 101 Special concert for the fans

This was a special event added onto the Music For The Masses Tour by Depeche Mode in 1989. They wanted to do something for the fans. So a lot of people like their people and Goldenvioce and KROQ 106.7 FM radio here in LA got involved. They combined with OMD who was very popular and Wire and Thomas Dolby and The Lost Toy People as supporting artists for an all day show.

They held a contest and the fans that won went with the band on tour. It was made into a video, Depeche Mode 101 and the show was also recorded officially as at the time a double cassete 101.

In Depeche History there was a moment in this tour that stood out. The song Blashphemous Rumors.

They normally had always performed this song. It had caused controversy and been banned in The Phillipines.

It was a beatiful clear evening and Dave came on and started to perform Blasphemous Rumors and all of a sudden a pouring rainstorm hit the clear Pasadena night.

Rumor has it that this freaked Dave and the band out and that they vowed to never perform the song live again.

It was a memorable and great show