Artist’s upcoming events (calendar)

Find upcoming events for an artist. Use our artist search to find an artist ID.


You can also find an artist’s events by MusicBrainz ID:{music_brainz_id}/calendar.json?apikey={your_api_key}{music_brainz_id}/calendar.xml?apikey={your_api_key}


  "resultsPage:" {
    "results": { "event": [
        "displayName":"Wild Flag at The Fillmore (April 18, 2012)",
                                  "displayName":"Wild Flag","id":29835,"identifier":[]},
                        "displayName":"Wild Flag",
        "location":{"city":"San Francisco, CA, US","lng":-122.4332937,"lat":37.7842398},
                 "displayName":"The Fillmore",
                 "lng":-122.4332937, "lat":37.7842398,
                              "displayName":"SF Bay Area","country":{"displayName":"US"},"id":26330,"state":{"displayName":"CA"}}},
      }, ....


Results are paginated and can be navigated with:

  • page (first page = 1)
  • per_page (max 50)

Sorting events

Results are sorted by date. The order can be specified with:

  • order ('asc' or 'desc', 'asc' by default)


When requesting data in JSON format, JSONP can be specified using the jsoncallback parameter. Here is an example of using JSONP from jQuery:

// data is JSON response object

The Echo Nest’s Rosetta Stone

The Echo Nest has linked their artist IDs to Songkick, making it easy for Echo Nest and Songkick developers to work with our API and vice versa. This is part of Echo Nest’s Rosetta Stone project, which translates artist and music data from a variety of sources, including Spotify, Twitter, Facebook, Rdio, and many more.

You can use a Songkick artist ID with any Echo Nest call that accepts an artist ID. Songkick artist IDs can also be included in the response format of any API call that returns artists. Check out Echo Nest's documentation for more details.

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