Metro area’s upcoming events (calendar)

Find upcoming events for a metro area. A metro area is a city or a collection of cities that Songkick uses to notify users of concerts near them. Use our location search to find a metro area ID.



  "resultsPage:" {
    "results": { "event": [
        "displayName":"Wild Flag at The Fillmore (April 18, 2012)",
                                  "displayName":"Wild Flag","id":29835,"identifier":[]},
                        "displayName":"Wild Flag",
        "location":{"city":"San Francisco, CA, US","lng":-122.4332937,"lat":37.7842398},
                 "displayName":"The Fillmore",
                 "lng":-122.4332937, "lat":37.7842398,
                              "displayName":"SF Bay Area","country":{"displayName":"US"},"id":26330,"state":{"displayName":"CA"}}},
      }, ....


Results are paginated and can be navigated with:

  • page (first page = 1)
  • per_page (max 50)


When requesting data in JSON format, JSONP can be specified using the jsoncallback parameter. Here is an example of using JSONP from jQuery:

// data is JSON response object

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