Rock By The Sea 2013

Thursday 16 May 2013 – Sunday 19 May 2013Past festival

Rock By The Sea 2013

Stroke 9, Matthew Mayfield, A Thousand Horses, Tim Brantley, and more…
Spinnaker Beach Club, Panama City, FL, US

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About Rock By The Sea:

Cancer happens to everyone. Parents, siblings, spouses, children, friends; cancer is ubiquitous and permeates the fabric that binds us together as human beings. It’s personal.

Unfortunately, the stories are countless. Be it a friend of a friend, someone you know, or more frightening, someone you love; cancer is a force that strikes with no regard to the differences that separate us. Coincidentally, cancer, or rather the fight against it, has the ability to unite us as one.

One voice, one community, one force against a disease that touches us all. That was the driving inspiration that led to the formation of Rock by the Sea. Born from the need to make a difference, Rock by the Sea has evolved into an organization that raises money for worthwhile charities through music. It has also spawned a community that shares a passion for music, collectively driven to affect change and play its part in eradicating cancer.

Since its inception in November 2006, Rock by the Sea not only continues to grow its reach in this unending fight against a condition that impacts us all, but also has expanded its scope to include other worthy charities that deliver services to those in need. We hope you will join our effort and be a part of our community as we continue to press forward, year after year, to make a difference through music and through love

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