OccultoFest 2012

Friday 25 May 2012 – Saturday 26 May 2012Past festival

OccultoFest 2012

Nadja, Fabio Orsi, Sun Worship, Apex Predator, and more…
West Germany, Berlin, Germany

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Let it be a giant asteroid hitting the earth, the ultimate economical crisis, the third world war, the return of the big reptiles due to the Earth overheating, or a bunch of helicopters dropping napalm accompanied by Wagner’s The Ride of the Valkyries: Apocalypse is indeed not just a specialty number of religious fanatism and more or less articulated esoteric discourse. One or more of its possibile declinations – the end of the human species, the end of the Planet Earth, the end of a small or a big part of the universe as we know it – happen to be options considered and studied by people like astronomers, economists, biologists, historians, visual artists and fiction writers, to name a few.
Occultofest want to celebrate the Apocalypse.