Ink-N-Iron Festival 2013

Friday 07 June 2013 – Sunday 09 June 2013Past festival

Ink-N-Iron Festival 2013

The Offspring, NOFX, The Stranglers, Dead Kennedys, and more…
The Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA, US

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Doors open: 17:00

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About Us:
Festival Hours: Friday 2pm-2am // Saturday 11am-2am // Sunday 11am-9:30pm

Tattoo Hall Hours: Friday 2pm-10pm // Saturday 11am-10pm // Sunday 11am-9pm

People are here for the love of Hot Rods-Kustoms, Live music, burlesque, art shows, 50’s fashion, and of course the tattoo show covering three floors inside the ship. 280 of the best tattoo artists in the world will be on hand from 30 States and 25 Countries representing all the tattoo styles; where a car show and music become an integral part of the event, mingling with the artistic expressions of the artists at work. Pinups clad in corsets, Classic Cats with Pompadours, Mohawks, fashion Mullets, full sleeves and back pieces. Not only is the breathtaking view of the gigantic Queen Mary, the beautiful water, and the amazing Long Beach skyline quite a task to take in all at once, but all the fashion statem`ents and lavishly adorned people are quite a spectacle as well. This convention will be both a sort of art gallery and community festival. Seven years ago the ship was overtaken by the underground subculture of all things Kustom and modified. From tattooing to pin striping and tantalizing show goers with tight corsets the 9th Annual Ink-N-Iron Festival is laced up and racing for port!