Friends Fest 2013

Saturday 02 March 2013Past festival

Friends Fest 2013

Xmas, Four Letter Word, Hot Hands, The CafFiends, and more…
Rabbitfoot Records, Titusville, FL, US

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Additional details

This is a one day fest in Titusville, FL. It will be loads of fun, so plan ahead and don't miss this. And I need people EVERYWHERE to pass out these awesome flyers made by Sean Canfield (see below)

When?:4 o'clock, the 2nd of March
Where?: Rabbitfoot
How Much?: ONLY 5 DOLLARS. All money goes to bands from far away.
Why?: Because fun, that's why.

Bands (FULL, some may be dropped):

Among Giants

The Caffiends

Dead Yetis (Maybe just Jordan?)

Hot Hands

Zap Dragon and the Attack

Noah Eagle

Gator Thomas and the Truth

Gnarly Whales

Basket Face

Super Famicom

Secret Tree House (Sean)

Austin Miller

Cindy Blackburn

Four Word Letter

Let Me Drive

Lob Law

Ali Peera (ex-baby adam)

2 people were there