Northwest Music Conference 2013

Tuesday 30 July 2013 – Sunday 04 August 2013Past festival

Northwest Music Conference 2013

Architects, Colette, DJ Dan, Hatiras, and more…
Portland, OR, US

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Additional details

It's official! Tickets are on sale for NWHMC 2013:

Make sure to get your tickets early. While you will be able to pay to get into individual shows at the door, we are only selling a limited number of full week bracelets that allow you access to all events/workshops/panels/etc, and the price goes up starting in May. If you want to be able to attend all the fantastic work shops and talks hosted by some of the leaders of our industry, then you will need a bracelet to do so. There will be no individual entry fee for work shops and panels.

Cost details:

$75 for a pass to all conference related events up until May 31st. Starting June 1st, cost for bracelets goes up to $100. July 1st cost goes up to $125. Purchasing bracelets at the door of any event is $150.

The Event:

The Northwest House Music Conference is a week long event located in the beautiful city of Portland Oregon. The conference features shows hosted by labels from around the world that showcase their domestic and international
artists. Events will occur at night in various clubs that are all within walking distance of eachother, during the day at parks and outdoor venues and late night at after hours locations. In addition to featuring performances from some of the most respected names in the industry, many of these artists will also be hosting work shops and panels on everything from music production to dancing.

The artists are broken up among multiple events throughout the week that are hosted by various labels and entities within the House Music scene.