Music In The Middle 2013

Friday 04 October 2013 – Sunday 06 October 2013Past festival

Music In The Middle 2013

Ladyhawke, The 1975, Hockey, Late Night Alumni, and more…
Short Mountain Distillery, Woodbury, TN, US

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EARMILK Presents:



Here at Music in the Middle (MIM), we want to share the music festival experience the best way possible . Music in the Middle Modern Arts Festival will be emphasizing on the modern arts, 3D mapping, interactive art, video games, and structural artwork and the local talent in Tennessee .We will be offering 3 day camping options, over 65 artists of all genres, food vendors, local artisan vendors, activities, and art exhibits. Our focus is talent that resides here in Tennessee, and upcoming artists from other countries and several from other states. The diversity of our local lineup every year is based on the amount of local artist support we receive. Local business will be represented on the festival grounds as well. If you are interested in performing or are interested in vendor opportunities, or would like to sponsor us, please contact us through our inbox and we will provide more information (Artist submission deadline is april. Requirements for email submissions are as listed: A detailed description of your music (genre, what it sounds like, influences, instruments/ equipment used, show history). If available send us live show footage, music videos, pictures of the band/group together and individual pictures of members. We will gladly promote any upcoming shows you have and album, EP, LP or single releases. Also provide us with your official Website/Facebook page, twitter account, google plus account, members name and a phone number we can reach you with. We greatly appreciate it and look forward to bringing our community together. Please help us do so by sharing our page with everyone you know. Support your local music scene and help turn “music city” truly into MUSIC CITY!