Future of Music Summit 2013 2013

Monday 28 October 2013 – Tuesday 29 October 2013Past festival

Future of Music Summit 2013 2013

Erin McKeown
Georgetown University, Washington, DC, US

Future of Music Summit 2013 2013



3700 O St. NW 20007 Washington, DC, US

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It is no secret that the world of music is moving faster than ever. Artists and fans have more ways than ever to connect, but there are many unresolved questions about creator compensation and sustainable business models. Meanwhile, Congress is kicking off a comprehensive review of existing copyright laws, making it more important than ever for the music community to get engaged. Musicians are natural leaders who are no strangers to change. It’s time to celebrate their victories while considering the many challenges they face. What do they need to thrive in a rapidly-changing landscape for music? What can artists’ experiences teach us about innovation and positive social change?

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