Community guidelines

We want Songkick to be a place for you to come together and create the best concert resource, ever. Songkick gets better the more people are on it, sharing photos, setlists, posters, and more. Here is our manifesto.

Your use of Songkick is subject to this manifesto and our Terms of Use, which you agreed to when you signed up, remember?

  1. Do your best to add correct info. We know, it’s hard to remember that concert back in 1981 and when adding all the upcoming shows for your favorite band, typos can happen. Do your best to find correct info; Google is your friend.

    If you see incorrect info, correct it! Just click “edit event” and clean up that info.

    If we find that you’re repeatedly and maliciously adding incorrect information, we’ll take measures and, if pushed, delete your account. Don’t ruin it for everyone, buddy.

  2. Add photos and posters that are yours. Don’t add copyrighted content without permission from the owner.

    If you see someone adding photos or posters that are yours, it’s probably an overzealous but unaware fan who loves your work and wants to share. Click “report a problem” to let us know. Or, even better, politely ask them to take it down.

  3. Be tolerant of difference. Are you a music snob? Fine, us too, but we want to accept all types of opinions up in here. Find a way to politely disagree. Polite disagreement means no hateful, racist, sexist, or harassing language.

    Seriously, racist, sexist, intolerant fuckers are not OK. Swearing is OK in moderation.

  4. Don’t post commercial stuff. Feel free to add your concerts on Songkick, that’s what we’re here for! But if we find you spamming people and generally being an unwelcome pesk, we will take action.

  5. No pr0n. Get your RedTube kicks somewhere else, Songkick’s not the place for pornography. Don’t post sexually explicit or illegal material up in here. But if an artist gets nekkid on stage – feel free to post that!

  6. Assume the best of people. Give them the benefit of the doubt. We’ll do the same for you, too.